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Traverse City is a beautiful place, situated in the Grand Traverse county of Michigan, extending down into Leelanau County. It is surrounded by wondrous beaches, cool people, and all-star accommodations.

The city also has its fair share of culture and attractions. With award-winning chefs and wines positioned on nearly every street, it’s hard not to bump into a world-class meal. The city has gained prominent position in many publications for its wide selection and the great taste of its foods. Among these publications are: Midwest Living magazine, Livability.com, and Bon Appetit. The region’s food is a combination of imagination and enthusiasm. Perhaps its most defining feature is the consistent use of fresh fruits and vegetables grown and harvested from nearby farms and forests. And the city’s vineyards are of the same caliber.

If exquisite food isn’t enough to lure you, perhaps the city’s beaches will do the job. The region has more than 150 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and almost 150 lakes that are 10 acres or more. Whether you’re looking to spend your time in solitude or in the spirit of companionship, there’s a beach to accommodate you and your family.

With so many things already going for it, you would think there couldn’t be much left to Traverse City, but the city certainly proves one wrong. There is an abundance of cultural attractions to be found in and around the city. You name it, they’ve got: art museums, galleries, historical sites, opera houses, etc. And if you’re a nature enthusiast then you can always take a walk to a nearby forest or trail.

Thousands of tourists flock to the hotels and beaches of Traverse City every year during the summer; some even come during the winter for the many events that occur during that time. It is certainly the ideal vacation destination.

Michigan isn’t the best state in the U.S. right now, especially considering the state of the economy, but Traverse City is still a great place to visit regardless. Visit the city for a great time.

The city lists a ton of cultural and historic attractions on its website. Plus, there are many events scheduled to take place in the coming months. And don't let the cold weather deter you, the city is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer;and the hotels are cheaper when it’s cold out. I'll see you there!

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